‘The Lion King’ Movie Review

Direction: Jon Favreau
Production: Walt Disney Pictures & Fairview Entertainment
Music: Hans Zimmer
Cinematography: Caleb Deschanel
Editor: Mark Livolsi & Adam Gerstel

Recreating through the photorealistic computer-animation, ‘The Lion King’ is the same film which is remade from the film which is released in the year 1994 adapted from Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’, there is a great expectation for the latest one. However, ‘The Lion King’ has been released with the voices of Siddharth, P Ravishankar, Arvind Swamy, Manobala, Aishwarya Rajesh, ‘Robo’ Shankar and Singam Puli for the prominent roles in the Tamil dubbed version, there is still more hype for the film to release not only in English but also in Tamil! Let us see how ‘The Lion King’ has worked in screens this week!

Simba is the new prince who is yet to take up the throne after his beloved dad Mufasa whereas there is a tight clash between Mufasa and his younger brother Scar for attaining the royalty of the throne. However mischievous Simba is, he is well pampered by Mufasa such that Simba is threatened once in a while with the tortures of dirty hyenas which retain the barren land by eating all the living species. Joining hands with hyenas, Scar kills Mufasa by blaming Simba for his mischievous acts because of which Simba leaves his home and goes to a beautiful land crossing deserts and jungles where he finds his two new best and carefree friends Pumbaa and Timon. On the other hand, Mufasa along with hyenas declare that both son and father, Mufasa and Simba to be dead and takes the throne in his hands and makes the royal land into a barren land without leaving any living species and water for survival, Nala, Lioness/upcoming Queen comes in search for someone to help her motherland to stand against Mufasa’s atrocities. Unexpectedly, Nala gets to meet Simba and approaches for help but Simba shows his stubborn decision of not returning to his birthplace because of the guilt he had on his dad’s demise. Will Simba change his decision? Will his dad Mufasa help him to go back and relieve his motherland from the tortures of Scar? What will happen next? Will Scar be ‘The Lion King’ is the story!

Beautifully making the audience curious with the teaser and trailer, the entire crew had worked absolutely by reciprocating the old version as a very live animation such that than concentrating on the characters as the film, it would have been a 100% fulfillment if the animation of backdrops, live motion of nature etc. has worked out well. Apart from that, we can’t comment on the fantastic making which is fabulous and will definitely make kids excited with the songs then and there.

Last but not the least; since the voice artists and the dialogues are the backbone of the film, Siddharth as ‘Simba’, P Ravishankar as ‘Mufasa’, Aishwarya Rajesh as ‘Nala’, ‘Robo’ Shankar as ‘Pumbaa’, Manobala as ‘Zazu’ and Singam Puli as ‘Timon’ are the perfect choices for the Tamil version of this film which will obviously make us connect to the characters very easily.

On the whole, ‘The Lion King’ is a good kids-entertainer for this week with the amazing dialogues and the right selection of voice artists but little lagged out when it is compared to Disney’s ‘Aladdin’!

‘The Lion King’ is all about fun, realistic and upgraded version of the 90’s version!

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